London Cardano Summit 2023 wrap-up


Upstream Dec 07, 2023 Events News

London Cardano Summit 2023 wrap up

This years Summit was a great success, a day filled of speakers, panels and creators showcasing their hard work and groundbreaking ideas.

The main stage lead the day as creators gave insights into their progress over the past year, hearing the latest from Stake Pool Operators, and project stands presenting their ideas and providing giveaways throughout the day. Hosted at The Loading Bay in London 80+ people attended for an another exciting Cardano Summit. Checkout videos from the day below!

The Upstream London community-led Summit ran alongside the main event hosted in Dubai, with many other community-led events being funded by the Cardano Foundation in over 20 locations across the world.

Creators pannel

The latest from Cardano projects. A huge thank you to the creator panel: @DirectEdDev @officialnido @patryk_karter @LadSwag1 @EricDuneau

SPO panel (Stake pool operators)

The latest from the fringe of stake pool operators. A huge thank you to the SPO panel: @andromedaway @stakeSHIFTteam @Upstream_ada @FLUID7 @adanorthpool

Project presentation – CNC

An update on the CNC project, a huge thank you to :

Token gated competition

Part of the event included attendee’s claiming their giveaway Hosky tokens using Hosky’s Proof of Onboarding implementation. Through claiming their tokens attendees could then access a token gated mini game and attempt to enter the grand prize draw!

Check out the game here: The safe code token gated.

Further details

The summit consisted of many community events across the globe. Explore other 2023 community summits.

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