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Upstream SPO

Upstream (UPSTR) is a Cardano Stake Pool Operator, dedicated to providing the Cardano community with a reliable and professionally maintained node 24/7.

We host community events in London and actively participate in CIP workshops, encouraging community growth and inclusion with Cardano.

Latest news and events

London Cardano Social

London Cardano meet-ups, a place for the UK Cardano and web3 community to connect.

Join us in London as we discuss, build and grow the Cardano community. Web3 projects, Stake Pool Operators, developers and investors; Stay connected and join us at the next Cardano meet-up!

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Why stake with

Anyone can start a Cardano node, but when you stake with Upstream you know that we’re running the our node on 100% renewable energy and ensuring your rewards are paid by keeping our pool running smooth. Staying up to date with the requirements and network updates keeps us on top of what we need to do to run a successful stake pool.

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The Team

Formed from long term friends, coming together on Cardano through our passion for a decentralised and sustainable future. We aim to highlight the positive uses of blockchain technology to new users and expand the Cardano community.

Chris Warren

Works as a contracts manager for a commercial company and is meticulous in his approach to anything he puts his mind to. Spear heading our social media, staying connected with the community.


Mark Hall

Took the red pill. CEO & Founder of Pendulum, loves NFTs, Web3 and coding. The master behind our website and the Upstream stake pool operations.


Ben Deverson

Currently working as an Architect in London. Loves NFTs, Web3 and design. Driving the Upstream branding, creative visuals, and spreading our event reach through community engagement.


Cardano Stake Pool Operator - Upstream Event Pass

Upstream event pass

The Upstream events pass is an NFT given to the attendees of the first events. Holders of the Upstream Event Pass will be legible for future access to community events.

Keep watch for opportunities to mint the final few passes!


At Upstream we value our relationships knowing that together we can build a powerful decentralised community. Partnering with the right people and organisations gives us the collective resources to drive the community forward.

xSPO Alliance

Working together to help grow small stake pools.

Find out more. 

Climate Neutral Cardano

Committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operation of stake pool servers.

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Mission Driven Pools

Cardano stake pool operators driving adoption and purpose.

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Pendulum Dev - Web3 PartnersPendulum

Creating Web3 solutions for start-ups and established brands. Founder Mark Hall also maintains our Upstream node.

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