who and what is Upstream?

Upstream is an ADA staking pool dedicated to providing the Cardano community with a reliable and lovingly maintained node 24/7. Simple, accessible financial education is at the heart of our decisions, helping you to join our journey to become financially independent Upstreamers!

What is staking?

The Team

Upstream was formed by 7 lifelong friends, with our friendship spanning over 30 years and counting! Our aim is to educate, and make people feel safe and secure when entering into the world of all things Cardano, by providing content that simplifies this new world. We have formed a charity driven stake pool, with the end goal of donating 30% of all profits to our charities – check out our website to see who we are supporting!

Now lets meet the team behind Upstream

Why Upstream?

“Distributing wealth from the source, sustainably”

Anyone can run a node, but as an Upstreamer you know that we’re running the our node on 100% renewable energy. Giving 30% of our operator profits back to charities and community driven projects.


At Upstream we value our relationships knowing that together we can build a powerful decentralised community. Partnering with the right people and organisations gives us the collective resources to drive the community to new grounds.


Our strategy is two fold, firstly to introduce as many people into the Cardano community as possible, and secondly do something that is important to us at Upstream, and that is giving back.

By donating 30% of our staking pool profits to charities and community driven projects, we aim to take as many people on our journey as possible.

So come aboard, join the community, and let’s sail Upstream together!

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