What is Cardano Staking

Staking (or delegating) is similar to putting your money into a bank account, and as a thank you the bank pays you interest for doing so (or at least they used to). Your delegated ADA allows the Cardano network to run.

Cardano Staking - Wallets - Upstream

How to Stake

Getting started is one of the main challenges faced when first entering the world of staking. There are 4 main steps to get you up and staking on the Cardano network. You can choose to stake with any pool and understanding the pool you stake with is at the heart of a decentralised and inclusive financial system.

1. Buy ADA from an exchange

First you must get some ADA, go to any exchange sign up and verify your account. We recommend doing some research to make sure your chosen exchange is suitable for your country.

2. Create your ADA wallet

Download any any of the below apps and create your wallet, make sure to keep your private key in a secure location:

Youri  Eternl  VESPR  Daedalus  Exodus  Ledger

3. Transfer ADA to your wallet

Transfer your ADA from your exchange account to your wallet.

4. Delegate your ADA to Upstream

Search for [UPSTR] in the delegation area within your chosen wallet, you will need your spending password! You can delegate to any stake pool on the network, and change your chosen pool at any time!