Cardano CIP 1694 London community workshop


Upstream Nov 23, 2023 Events News

Cardano CIP 1694 governance workshop

The Cardano CIP 1694 workshop was a great success, a day of delving deep into the structure and opinions surrounding decentralised governance. Driven from the CIP 1964 Cardano proposal, the Cardano community came together in collaboration and debate, to ultimately produce a detailed overview of how the community see on-chain governance progressing. Organised alongside the global Cardano community and many other 1694 focused workshops, we focused on:

  • On Chain Deposits
  • Treasury Withdrawal
  • Community Tooling
  • Action Thresholds
  • Action Expiration
  • DRep incentives
  • Additional subjects around Metadata Formats and Constitutional Committee Compensation.

London workshop

Hosted at The Hilda Clark Suite, Friendship House in London for 40+ people. From CIP contributors, Intersect MBO team members and core community members, we provided a productive day of in-depth discussions on the core Governance topics.

A huge thank you to all those who attended, contributed and made the workshop a true success.