Cardano Project Catalyst Working Groups


Upstream Apr 12, 2024 Events News

What is Project Catalyst?

Project Catalyst is the world’s largest decentralised grant funding platform for solving real-world challenges. At the start of each funding round, the Cardano community proposes ideas to solve challenges within the blockchain ecosystem and the wider world. 

The community then evaluates and votes on which technical, business, creative, and community projects will receive funding.

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What are Catalyst Working Groups?

Catalyst Community Working Groups (CWG’s) are collaborative workshops taking place across the globe within the Cardano community focused on specific aspects of ecosystem development. 

Community and grassroots innovation is at the heart of the workshops. The London UK workshop we will be focusing on Catalyst Strategic Funding Priorities. Discussing and identifying key innovation areas for funding, based on data-driven analysis of past initiatives and future needs.

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How can you participate?

Join the London workshop on Saturday 27th April and contribute to the future of Project Catalyst through community discussions and voting.

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Working Group agenda

10:00Guest arrival + refreshmentsOne hour networking and settling in.
11:00Workgroup startsWelcome and introduction to Catalyst. 
Session #1 run through.
13:00Lunch servedOne hour to grab lunch.
14:00Workgroup continuesSession #2 run through.
Group sharing & voting.
Participant Survey & wrap-up.
15:30Afternoon refreshmentSnack, drink and stretch.
16:00Meeting ends + guests depart
16:30Happy hourMeet up at a local pub for drinks and networking.

Working Group resources

The discussions during the working group will revolve around data driven questions, we encourage all participants to review the supporting data and questions before the day.

Review supporting data Review the workshop agenda


The workshop will attempt to answer these questions, reaching a group consensus for answers and suggestions through break out groups and community voting.

  • What are Cardano ecosystem priorities that funding should be deployed towards?
  • What ecosystem growth hacks will foster more adoption? 
  • Are there any proposals or areas that should not be included?
  • What evidence can establish that these are key priorities?
  • Why should Catalyst funding be targeted towards these priorities?
  • What objectives can be set, measured, and achieved over the next 12 months? 
  • What is unrealistic to be achievable?
  • Are there any areas of Catalyst that have been over-funded? – Do not pick out individual projects or proposers. What is important and the underlying areas of Cardano innovation and adoption