What Metaverse projects are being built on Cardano?


Upstream Oct 10, 2022 News

What Metaverse projects are being built on Cardano?  

In this video, Dave (@davidproudvideo) takes you through a crash course of the coolest metaverse projects that are being built on Cardano.

Watch the video right here ????

A sneak peak at the Cardano metaverse projects covered in the video:

We’ve covered the projects below, and if you want to learn more, visit their websites or interact with their amazing communities on twitter.

  1. Cornucopias. A play, build and learn to earn game in which you can build and own  your own in game items and sell them as NFTs. It’s built on the Unreal 5 engine and  Copi tokens drive the in game economy.
  2. Pavia. A community driven land ownership project powered by the pavia token.
  3. ADARealm. A real time virtual world build for people to work, socialise and play.
  4. World of Pirates. An NFT turn based battle royale card game.
  5. Adania. A selection of games that users can play-to-earn through with their adventurer character NFT.

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