Introducing the London Cardano Summit 2022


Upstream Oct 11, 2022 Events News

Introducing the London Cardano Summit 2022!

Ben (@Benji_Upstream) and the rest of Team Upstream which consists of Chris (@Upstream_ADA), Dave (@davidproudvideo), Mark (@devhalls), Andy (@AndyIrv1983), Luke (@Lukas_Upstream) and Sam (@Samiola) are excited to announce that we’ll be hosting the community led Cardano Summit 2022 in London.

If you don’t really like reading you can watch Dave’s video overview instead.

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What is the Cardano Summit London 2022?

Basically, the Cardano Summit is the annual Cardano conference and is an excuse to get anyone interested or invested in Cardano together IRL. It’s been going on for a few years with different events organised in different locations around the world, all taking place over the same weekend.

Last year was organised and funded by IOG (the people behind Cardano). This year however is a little different. There will be one main summit in Switzerland, with other satellite events being funded by the Cardano Foundation and hosted by members of the Cardano community in 55 locations around the world.

This year you could apply to host an event alongside the main summit, and Ben from Upstream was lucky enough to be selected to host the community led Cardano Summit London 2022 with help from the rest of Team Upstream.

Where is it?

The venue is still TBC and we’ll announce it on the Upstream twitter page and Cardano Summit London meetup group soon.

When is it?

We will be holding our event on Sunday 20th November and are currently planning to start around midday. This may change as we are still waiting to hear the time for big Charles’ talk, so a lot will revolve around that.

What’s the event agenda?

The plan is for the day to start off with some time for everyone to arrive, get settled and get to know each other. If we have learnt anything from our London Cardano Social events, it’s that the Cardano Community are a very friendly bunch who could chat Cardano for hours; especially over a couple of drinks.

We have a few different options for the main highlights of the day including:

  • Streams of both Charles Hoskinson’s keynote speech and the Cardano awards.
  • A charity auction so we can all go away feeling good about ourselves.
  • Speakers from Cardano-based projects.
  • A panel with a few Stake Pool Operator’s like ourselves.
  • Chats with people from the community or people involved in the Cardano space.

There will be free nibbles, food will be available to buy as well, and of course, there will be a bar. And let’s not forget swag! We are promised a load of official Cardano merch to give out to each and every attendee.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?

You need to be quick if you want to come along as spaces are in huge demand and the venue will only hold around 300 people. Sign up and book your place using the Cardano Summit: London MeetUp group.

A lot of the details are still to be confirmed, such as who the guest speakers will be, who will be on the panel and the prizes for the charity auction. But by signing up to the Meetup group and joining the event you will get regular updates.

Get in touch to Get involved!

As this is a community led event, we would love to hear from you if you’d like to be involved. Maybe you’re building a project on Cardano or are a stake pool operator and are interested in speaking at the event? Or, if you have something you would like to donate towards the charity auction then get in touch with us on Twitter. You can find us @upstream_ada and whilst you are there, you should probably give us a cheeky follow.

If you haven’t already, go and give us a sneaky little subscribe on YouTube as we are ramping up to deliver weekly helpful Cardano content, Upstream style. See you in November!